Instructors at ESKA Stevenage

All of our instructors at Stevenage are fully qualified and are DBS checked. Through regular training and coaching, we ensure that our instructors are able to support students as they embark on their karate journey. We take care not only to develop physical fitness but also to build resilience and determination to succeed. We find this has a positive effect on both karate as well as wider life. Our instructors come from a range of backgrounds and include among them qualified teachers for different ages.


Sensei Nursey (9th Dan)
Chief Instructor of ESKA

Sensei Paul Grimsey (6th Dan)
Senior Instructor

Sensei John Higgins (5th Dan)
Senior Instructor

Sensei Angus Pearson

Sensei Angus Pearson (5th Dan)
Senior Instructor

Sensei Des Allen (5th Dan)
Senior Instructor

Sensei Helen Higgins (3rd Dan)

Adam Kent (1st Dan)








Assistant Instructors

James Dodd (1st Dan)

Jenson Basa (Int. Dan)

Graham Fountain (1st Kyu)