Newsletter December 2016

Hello and welcome to our end of year newsletter. We wanted to take the chance to highlight the amazing work of all our students and instructors over the past year. 2016 has been a fantastic year for ESKA Stevenage, with a host of events, personal achievements and grading success. Here are some of the many highlights:
Kyu Grading Success!

Stevenage performed exceptionally well at all four Kyu gradings held in 2016. Many of our junior students passed all four grading successfully and have moved along in their karate training. We have also had much success with our adult Karate-ka’s (Students of karate), who have worked extremely hard throughout the year. All students worked extremely hard and the performance in the gradings reflected this.

Competition Success!

October 2016 saw the annual ESKA championships, held at our Dojo in Stevenage. Over 350 students took part in the competition with 132 trophies and medals handed out. We are delighted to announce that Stevenage were the overall winners of the championships, winning a total of 23 medals, 9 of those being 1st place trophies. We are very fortunate to have such an event run every year as it takes a lot of organisation and commitment by all involved. Sensei Nursey would like to thank all participants for taking part and for showing true karate spirit!

Dan Grading Success!

Twice a year senior grades have the opportunity to grade for their Intermediate (Brown with black stripe) and Dan (Black belt) grades. The gradings are challenging and many years of hard work and commitment are required. Stevenage had 3 students who successfully graded. We would like to congratulate Naomi Williams for achieving her Junior Shodan in May. We would also like to congratulate Jenson Basa for achieving his Intermediate Dan and Adam Kent for achieving his Shodan!
Awards and other notable successes!
Each year ESKA holds a Winter Ball in Dunstable for older members of ESKA. During the evening awards are presented to individuals for their commitment to karate and the association. This year several members of ESKA Stevenage received awards. Adam Kent received the Sensei Cox award, this is presented to a student, under the age of 21, who shows great commitment and spirit towards their karate. The award is voted on by the black belts of ESKA and the winner is selected based on the votes they receive. As well as this one of our senior instructors was awarded their next Dan grade: We would like to congratulate Sensei Paul Grimsey for receiving his Rokudan (6th Dan) having trained in ESKA for over 30 years.

First Aid Course 2016

Every year the association organises a First Aid Course for our instructors. The course is very beneficial and teaches basic life-saving skills as well as skills specifically designed for karate. All of our instructors are qualified in First Aid, attending a course at least every two years.

A few special mentions…

Sensei Nursey receives his 9th Dan:
As part of the Winter Ball our Chief Instructor, Sensei Michael Nursey, was awarded his Kudan (9th Dan). This award is a tremendous achievement which very few have ever received. We are very lucky both as a club and an association to have an instructor who holds such a grade, very few associations world-wide do. We would like to congratulate him for his fantastic achievement, oss.

A family atmosphere at ESKA Stevenage:
We would like to thank all of our parents, carers and guardians for being part of ESKA Stevenage. Your continued support ensures we can continue to help encourage and teach your young people to achieve and enjoy their karate. A prime example of this support is Jenson Basa, an Intermediate Dan grade who has 3 children training at Stevenage. He has worked incredibly hard on his training at ESKA and he comments on how his children “greatly enjoy being a part of ESKA Stevenage”. Once again we would like to thank you all.

Thank you to Sensei Rae:
We would also like to thank Sensei Rae Nursey (5th Dan) for all that she does for ESKA Stevenage. Sensei Rae, as club secretary, is responsible for the organisation of all aspects of our club. This year she also organised our annual championships as well as the association’s winter ball.

A thank you to our Instructors:
A final thank you must go to our Instructors. All of our Instructors have full DBS checks, are qualified in First Aid and have been teaching for many years. Without them we would not be able to achieve the successes that we do as a club. Our Instructors: Sensei’s – Paul Grimsey (6th Dan), John Higgins (5th Dan), Angus Pearson (5th Dan), Des Allen (4th Dan), Luke Stepehens-Chandler (3rd Dan) and Adam Kent (1st Dan). We would also like to thank our Assistant Instructors – James Dodd and Denis Howard. We are very lucky as a club to have such an experienced team of Instructors and Assistants which very few other karate clubs have. Of course a special thank you must also go to our Chief Instructor Sensei Michael Nursey (9th Dan) for successfully running Stevenage for yet another year.

As you can see, we have had a very successful year at ESKA Stevenage both on an individual basis and as a club. We would like to thank our students, parents, carers, guardians, club secretary and instructors. Here is to a successful 2017!