Competition Tomorrow

Good luck to everyone taking part in tomorrow’s competition! 

Please arrive for 10am, the competition is held in the same hall as the gradings. Parking is available in either of the three car parks surrounding the leisure centre. These car parks use a chip coin payment system, requiring you to pay for parking at one of the machines just before leaving the car park. 
Information for all Stevenage Borough Council car parks, including prices, can be found here:
Alternatively parking is available in the nearby Tesco’s. The terms of this car park have recently changed, meaning parking is only free for 30 minutes. Any stay longer than this requires you to spend £5 in Tesco just before you leave. Upon doing this you will receive a coupon which will validate your parking. Please note that the maximum stay in this car park is 3 hours regardless of whether you spend the £5 or not. 
The events within the competition will not necessarily be ordered by grade. For example purple belt freestyle could very well be on before red belt kata. This is due to needing a certain amount of judges per area and having the right judges for each section. As a result of this please ensure you are in the hall ready to start at 10. 

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and wish you all the best of luck. We are so pleased every year to see so many students proudly representing our club!

Your instructors will all be there tomorrow to help with any questions you might have.
Good luck!!!