Competition Results


Sunday 29th October saw ESKA hold it’s annual championship at the Stevenage Hombu. Over 250 competitors from all of the ESKA clubs took part in a variety of events showing great spirit and technique.

The main news article for the day can be found via the ESKA website ( However as this is the Stevenage website I have written a specific article just for us.

The competition was, as always, a wonderful spectacle and all of the instructors from Stevenage were incredibly proud of all students who took part. We appreciate that it is a very long day for both competitors and spectators so we were even more impressed by the high levels of commitment and spirit shown by all Stevenage students who took part.

I would like to say a special thank you to all of our wonderful parents, grandparents, siblings, carers and guardians for being so supportive. Especially with an event that lasts as long as the competition, we truly appreciate your continued support and the time you have given up.

Onto the results. We were delighted to win a total of 18 medals/trophies across the various events throughout the day. The winners can be seen below:


1st Place Winners: Amey (Blue Belt), Bailey (Blue Belt)

2nd Place Winners: Amey (Blue Belt), Angelo (Orange Belt), Josh DP (Brown Belt), Chanelle (Brown Belt), Chanelle + Lucy (Both Brown Belts)

3rd Place Winners: Roshini (Orange Belt), Advay (Green Belt), Katie (Brown Belt), Abbie (Brown Belt), Chanelle (Brown Belt)


1st Place Winners: Sean (Red Belt), Graham (Brown Belt)

2nd Place Winners: Danny (Yellow Belt)

3rd Place Winners: Azza (Brown Belt), Maddie (Brown Belt), Tony (Brown Belt)

Congratulations to everyone!

Next up on the calendar is the December grading. More information on this to follow shortly.