The Stevenage Club is held in the town’s Arts and Leisure Centre and is run by the Association Chief Instructor, Sensei Michael Nursey (9th Dan). This Club represents the Hombu (main Dojo or HQ) for all the ESKA Clubs in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and has been running since 1976, making it the oldest Shotokan Karate Club in the Stevenage / Hertfordshire area.Sensei Nursey jumping

The Club has a high level of Qualified Instructors supporting Sensei Nursey with the many classes taken during the various training sessions (See Club Instructor page).

On a monthly basis, Sensei Nursey holds a special training session dedicated to the higher grades of the association, normally from senior brown belt through to as high as 6th Dan. These sessions will cover anything from the basics through to complex techniques and will include tuition on instructor methodology, self-defence, kata bunkai, terminology, history etc, thus ensuring ESKA members are trained in all aspect of the Shotokan Martial Art. These sessions are also used as a pre-grading assessment for all those wishing to take the next step in their karate training.

It comes highly recommended that any ESKA member training at the various clubs around the area make every effort to use the Hombu for additional training as the sheer number of high grades still training is a testimony to the high quality of the teaching imparted by Sensei Nursey.

The Stevenage Club, as the Hombu, is also the location for the Kyu Gradings, Dan Gradings and any other Association Courses held throughout the year (for details on event and dates see the Diary page)

If you would like to join then please come down Monday/Thursday around 6.30 to talk to someone. Or you can phone or email us for further information. See our Contact page for details.